Last Updated: 4th May 2006
Welcome to the dumping ground. Everything that doesn't warrant its own section or is currently a work
in progress is going to be put in here.
Nurse Sally vs The Mutants
Drawn to kill time, inspired partly by half-life, I posted it on a few forums and WOW! It was way
more popular than I expected. I'm currently inking this comic, but the original pencils can be seen here.
I've moved this off the front page because I've not had the chance to work on it lately. I've not
abandonned the project and I will return to it in the future.
The Birds
You'll all have seen that freaky little thing sitting on the 'Mail' button on the front page. It's actually a
bird-thing from a series of animated GIFs that I made a while back. Here they are:
01     02     03     04     05     06     07     08     09     10     11     12     13
Sequential Art Character Info
People have been asking for a bit more info about the cast of SA. Here's a few snippets:
Art is an illustrator and cartoonist. He currently works for Wiquid Design. Rides a temperamental
scooter, enjoys comics, computer games, cartoons and is prone to hysterics when the unexpected
Kathleen Vance. A photographer that works at a studio specialising in portraits and those really boring
calenders businesses give to their clients at the end of each year. Chief ambition is to get out and shoot
National Geographic quality stuff.
Pip McGraw, college-buddy of Art. Makes a living buying and selling stuff via online auctions, but
what doesn't get spent on the monthly rent, Pip blows on comics: his obsession. As a result, he's
perpetually short of petty cash.
Claims to be a scientist, but appears to be more of an 'urban tarzan'. Utterly loopy, averse to clothing
but otherwise harmless, Art, Kat and Pip allow her to stay in the loft of their house.
Jack and The Denizens
The Denizens are creatures of shadow from the dark European country Pipingrad. They're generally 1
foot in height, very creepy, and in large numbers they can cause a substantial amount of trouble, but
they're not evil, just easily misled. Especially when exposed to a malevolent Jack.
Jack is broken. That's not a manic grin across his face, it's a crack. He's insane, evil and wants to rule
the world. It's his corrupting influence that has given the other Denizens such a bad reputation.
Step By Step 01
I've been asked by a few people if I had plans to make a few of those 'how to draw' tutorial things.
Well, I'm a crap teacher, but I'll start posting step-by-step pics like this to show how I construct an
image. Dunno how useful they'll be. If I make enough of them, I'll give them their own page.
More very silly, Python-inspired animated GIFs. These feature the dreaded P.I.E Kitten; a most feared
creature......more to follow.
Pie Blitz     Pie Blitz 2     Pie Blitz 3     Kill Bill     Astro    Matrix     Risk     Trenches     
Redrum     Cat's Meow     Monkey     Alone     Uncle Sam     Polar Pie