Blambot - Excellent source of comicbook fonts.

B3TA - Madness, brilliance and insanity. You can spend hours watching the B3TA messageboard. - Some second-rate artist's old site.......dunno why I'm mentioning it......

Penny Arcade - The world of games and related pop culture presented in a 3-panal format.

No Pink Ponies - Webcomic, the artist of which (Eisu) has nailed facial expressions.

PVP - Another legendary web comic. Dunno why I hadn't posted a link to it before now!

Chris Phillips - Fellow cartoonist. Really nice 'n dynamic stuff.

Underspray (Interview) - Feb 2007. There's a number of great artists here you might want to check out.

Jack Lawrence - V.talented British artist. He draws great monsters. Very slick.

Zero Punctuation - The greatest games reviewer of all time.

Comic Book Informer (Interview) - May 2013. Podcast. I chat with the CBI guys about my comics.

Let's Play - I love their Minecraft videos.