15/11/2017 - "Go low (budget)"
We get nostalgic about 90s movies, bitch about what's wrong with trailers and discuss
why low-budget movies are the best.
Myself and fellow arty-type, Chris Phillips, often chat at length about everything from movies
to games to our preferred tools-of-the-trade. With the rise in popularity of podcasts, I started
recording our conversations. I've previously uploaded this stuff to
Youtube, but they've been
well enough received that I thought I'd bring them to the Collected Curios website and see
what veteran visitors thought about our ill-informed, nonsensical ramblings.

This initial experiment is going to consist of 11 episodes. If you fine folk enjoy it, we'll record

Note: What lies ahead contains naughty words and, worse still, opinions.
10/11/2017 - "The 80s were hard-core"
Our heroes introduce themselves, discuss their favourite animated movies, VHS
tapes and drawing noses.
22/11/2017 - "Putting out the DC dumpster fire"
How we would improve the DC movies, and why Superman should never be a main
28/11/2017 - "J.J.Abrams doesn't know how space works"
We stress over the difficult task of choosing a favourite film and bitch relentlessly
about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
7/12/2017 - "Is there such a thing as a "bad" idea?"
We talk about inspirations behind our characters, discuss the lost art of looking for
knowledge and ponder on "sexy" aliens.
16/12/2017 - "There are no responsible adults working on this"
Today's topics include: the Lego movies, use of theme tunes and musical cues,
internet speed, C64 cassettes and the best of the Mad Max movies.